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Untitled (Red) from DannyRyder on Vimeo.

5020FA Assessment Point 2
Timelapse video displaying a full days sunlight on the piece and how the piece changes throughout, incl. different light levels and time of day.
The piece itself is the red band on the window and the projected shadow in the space, depending on time of day/year the shadow will be in different places as it moves around the inside of the stairway until sunset when the shadow will be no longer.


Danny Ryder

RGB Fluorescents


White Fluorescent, Red, Green, and Blue Gel Filters

Putting Light into Absence [Experimentation]


Red Fluorescent


March 2014

Gel Filters

Sky Time Lapse from my flat looking out onto Duke Street, Liverpool

(Source: vimeo.com)

Sky Time Lapse from DannyRyder on Vimeo.

A time lapse made from the window in my flat looking out onto Duke Street in Liverpool going from day through sunset to night.